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You may have been wondering why we’ve been so quite. Well one of our founders Saeed Jabbar has been working hard on an awesome product currently in beta called TapeFire.

TapeFire is a tool for musicians and a place where fans can connect with their favorite musicians. By sharing their tapes, musicians get a one to one connection with their supporters. They can let them know about their latest, releases, concerts and much more.

TapeFire features a growing library of tapes from all genres. Trance producer and DJ, Andski has released his track Hidden, exclusively to TapeFire. You can download it here and download mixtapes from your favorite artists as well.

Now you maybe wondering what’s a tape? A tape is can be a single, remix, mashup or mixtape. As we mentioned before TapeFire is in early beta but there will be many more updates coming.

On a weekly basis CubeTrance receives hundreds of requests from producers across the world to post their tapes on CubeTrance. We now encourage you to post all your tapes on TapeFire. Sign up is free and you can do so here.

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